Bulvar Fontaniv


180 тис. м²



каскад фонтанів


5 хвилин

до центру Києва

Bulvar Fontaniv is a premium-class residential complex located in the historic centre of Kyiv at the intersection of streets Saperne Pole and John Paul II. At the heart of this project is a City Resort concept, which implies that its relaxing atmosphere and out-of-the-concrete-jungle style are seamlessly combined with its modern infrastructure.

The complex was designed on the request of UDP, the project’s investor. Its developer is a Ukrainian company City One Development, which made a name for itself by applying up-to-date and ecological approaches in construction.

The main highlight of the complex is the first and only in Kyiv 150-meter light-and-music cascade of fountains. A closed courtyard without cars provides privacy for the residents and a convenient place for promenades with children.

Among other advantages of Bulvar Fontaniv are:

  • green areas for recreation and sports;
  • a BBQ area;
  • a three-level underground parking lot;
  • a lounge zone on the roof;
  • a concierge around-the-clock service;
  • the absence of load-bearing walls in the apartments and excellent layout.

The first phase of the project and partially the second have already been put into operation, with three remaining buildings at the stage of implementation.


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3 Sappernet Field st., Kyiv