4,8 ha

of innovation ecosystem


50,000 m²

of campuses


3,000 jobs

LvivTech.City is a Ukrainian innovation park, whose ecosystem functions according to the principle Live–Work–Learn–Rest.

LvivTech.City will be launched in Lviv, one of the most dynamic Ukrainian IT-industry centers. 4.8 ha of what was once an industrial zone will be revitalized with new up-to-date infrastructure, which is being developed by UDP. There will be offices and co-working spaces as well as educational institutions, apartments, restaurants, sports grounds, gyms and green recreation sites. The total area of the campuses, including parking lots, will reach 50,000 m². LvivTech.City’s residential district will be of approximately the same scale.

The future home for innovation will differ not only in functionality and aesthetics but also in energy efficiency. All premises of the innovation park are constructed according to the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards, which implies the efficient usage of resources and eco-friendly materials.

LvivTech.City’s residents shall include high-tech companies, start-ups, R&D centers, incubators, accelerators and educational associations who together would form a cluster of ideas and opportunities.

The purpose of the project is to realize the high-tech potential of Ukraine’s western regions, to emphasize the importance of the country’s creative economy and bring about its sustainable development.


The construction of the long-awaited new queue in the Park City residential complex has successfully begun in Q4 2018. The complex has long been inhabited by hundreds of happy families, but the demand for apartments in a modern multifunctional complex...



48 Stryiskaya st., Lviv